1. Ereso is in absolute pain in this update. 

  3. amy-of-darkness:

    CTV ReVamped #45: Your Werewolf Name

    Charby instructs his buddy to use the last letter of his first name and the penultimate letter of his middle name plus the street he grew up on to find out his new werewolf name he will be saddled with forever!

  4. On Friday I made Skittles vodka

    On Saturday I drank the Skittles vodka

    Today I am hungover

    So worth it.

  5. New update.

  6. the-world-of-steven-universe:

    Prepare your sword and watch right now the new episode of Steven Universe! - “Steven the Sword Fighter”. Only on The World of Steven Universe.

  7. amy-of-darkness:

    CTV ReVamped #44: Moving House

    Exciting box-packing action!

  8. Here’s an update on what I’ve been working on. 

    It’s a frame from the storyboard animatic I’ve been working on for a class I’m taking. The story itself is a prelude to the full story. 

  9. trappedinsanity:

    Bubbles appreciation post (◡‿◡✿)

  10. the-comics-sans:

    WOAH. Someone went and redid the new TMNT character designs …and they’re a LOT better. WOW. Geez. SO much better!

    FYI: The redesigned turtles are labeled backwards, how they are appearing in the movie is labeled with a “2.”

    Source: Reddit

    It just… FEELS better